Learn Build Earn

LearnBuildEarnxyzLearn Build Earn has been designed by Mark Ling and has been gaining widespread popularity in the market for its quality, depth, and modern approach to building a sustainable flow of income online. Information products are the core component of this easy-to-understand program.

Information products have gained widespread popularity and have been ruling the market for years because everybody wants some information, and they want it now. The idea is to present valuable information in a way where it is helpful and offers some value to those who’re buying in.

Mark Ling’s Learn Build Earn web success program has been designed to speedily take you from a neophyte to millionaire within a short time. Though ultimate success depending on your efforts but that’s where this information ultimately can take you. Mark starts out by providing you bare necessities that are vital for success. He actually gives you a firm foundation you can slowly build upon with more useful formation and then add to your basic understanding.

Learn Build Earn Review

This program starts from newbie level and assists you in locating profitable niches and covers wide range of things throughout the program such as sales copywriting, upsells, ways to build your website, how to offer high value to customers, traffic, LOVE, and much much more!

Once the beginner stuff has been covered, you will learn about advanced topics such as constructing more comprehensive offerings, video sales letters, recurring billing offers and getting to more hi-tech items such as high-ticket programs and selling them via webinar launch mod

In this program you will also learn ways to drive more traffic to your site and attract customers. This unique and highly effective program is not about becoming just an average Internet marketer, it’s about becoming much more than that.

Once you’ve learnt the basics, it will take you to even higher levels of sustainability and profitability. You get more info on advanced ideas such as perfecting your attractive video sales letters, creating more comprehensive and advanced offerings, andother types of recurring monthly billing offers that can guarantee continuous income stream. It then goes into ways to market various high ticket valuable items and how to successfully sell them though your own webinars.

Here are some of the pros the Learn Build Earn training:

  • Created by Internet marketing guru Mark Ling
  • Very easy for experienced users and beginners
  • Generate your income through informational products
  • Comprehensive training on building and sustaining information products
  • You understand more on various webinar launch methods to speed up sales
  • World class customer support
  • Learn ways to construct high value offers
  • Very easy to setup
  • High value private label products have been included
  • Large online supportive community for ongoing tips and tricks
  • Receive all recordings from Copywriting and conversions’ event held in Vancouver.

Here’s a breakdown on the 14 Learn Build Earn modules

Module 1

You learn basics of building your profitable funnel for your product or email list. You will become expert in finding profitable niche and learn all about Mark’s 8 laws of influence that are quite interesting.

Module 2

This Learn Build Earn module kicks with second half of 8 laws of influence, then quickly goes to Mark’s top secret for writing so that people immediately listen to waht you’re talking about. It finishes with his 6 keys to creating a product that sells.

Module 3

It is all about “3 doors” theory of success. So you need to pay close attention to this one.

Module 4

You will learn more on building the beginning section of your sales page. You also learn about the ‘mini mechanisms’ that you might not already familiar with.

Module 5

It covers on how to successfully deliver what you promise and top secrets to create amazign bonuses to woo people to buy a product from you instead of your competitors.

Module 6

This module is simple but should not be overlooked. You learn all about creating graphics for your product without spending a dime.

Module 7

This is a short but powerful module that goes into the story component of sales copy.

Module 8

In this module Daniel Toh tells you all about email marketing and some great tips on 1’st person vs 3’rd person writing.

Module 9

This module features amazing guest teacher/speaker you don’t want to miss. It will train you on ways to set up your website in WordPress. Even if you know ways to set up your site, pay close attention to amazing information that Jason and Mark share.

Module 10

This module teaches differences between boring filler content and quality content, ways to outsource your daily tasks. You’ll have to do extensive homework for this one, so pay attention.

Module 11

You will learn more on building your members area, affiliate area and important things to improve “readability” of your product.

Module 12

In this module you will learn ways to send massive traffic from Facebook. You will also learn that there’s more than just ” money being in the list”. You will learn solid ways to build lasting relationship with your email lsit and you will be able to promote offers to them that will guarantee you get paid every single month!

Module 13

It teaches you ways to drive FLOODS of traffic to your site from YouTube. You won’t have to star in any of these videos. There are 2 additional bonus trainings on ways to write sales letter headlines that may convert like crazy, and some sales copy critique you’ll learn a ton from!

Module 14

This module is very interesting and goes into what Mark calls the ‘hurricane method’. You will learn some important tips on ways to get affiliates on board to promote your products.

Detailed Customer and Community Support

The program is detailed and offers more than enough assistance. The company representatives will make sure all things are clarified on the go. You also get extensive support from online community as this programs links you to community of like-minded individuals who want to learn together.

The online community is large and helpful and makes sure hurdles are not impossible for you to cross. It goes extra mile to help out, and the best part is that you will get early success online.

Here’s what you’ll get with your Learn Build Earn Bonus:

  • 3×30 min Skype consultation from 6-figure affiliate marketers.
  • 6-month free hosting.
  • Access to secret SEO ranking formula.
  • An awesome logo design for business.
  • Access to Amazon money making blueprint.

and much more… Make sure you check back, as Mark will be adding bonuses daily!